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I'm Helena Ávila. Actress from Portugal. Beautiful and unique freckles. Strong and secure personality behind a sweet, loving expression. Free Spirit, Passionate about life. I have heard before that I have a Julia Roberts' smile, so you can have an idea. But don't let my smile fool you, I will win at all cost.

I always go after what I believe and what I want, nobody can stop me when I'm hungry for something.

With a Bachelors Degree in Performing Arts, I've performed in more than 20 stages in Portugal and Spain doing both drama and musical theatre. TV shows, commercials, drama teacher, almost 10 years of professional experience.

I continue doing all different kinds of workshops in order to improve my acting method. One of the most funny and surprising workshops was about voice over and dubbing. My journey in acting for film started when I moved to Los Angeles and so far I'm working a lot and I'm loving it.

Height: 5'3''

Hair Color: Redhead

Eye Color: Hazel

About Me 


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